There are currently 5 new constructed homes in Burlingame for sale. Four houses are located in the Easton Addition neighborhood at: 1316 Drake Ave, 1348 Drake Ave, 1325 Cabrillo Ave and 1417 Cabrillo Ave. These are all large homes with 4 or 5 bedrooms and 4 plus bathrooms on standard 6000sqft lots. Priced between $2,199,000 – $2,328,000. Buyers who are looking in this price range and want new construction, will soon have more choices. There are several new homes being built. I know of at least four homes that I have noticed just walking my dog in the neighborhood. There is one more brand new home for sale in the Burlingame hills at 150 Newton Dr.. This is a rather large home with 5400sqft on a 17,000 sqft lot offered for $ 2,995,000.


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