The Evolution of the Blog

The interactive way of communicating on the web is certainly not a new idea. However I did not know that the world of blogging was created 10 years ago. Last week NPR ran a series of different topics about blogging. There is so much to learn about blogging and now there is talk about microblogging. This means sending short blogs, including audio and video blogs from your cell phone. I am excited about this new way of communicating with buyers, sellers and other realtors and bloggers in 2008. If time allows, I will even read one of the books given to me for Christmas: Buzz Marketing with Blogs FOR DUMMIES!

More on this topic on the NPR website:


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  1. 1 Kevin Boer

    Thanks Chris for making us aware of this NPR series. It’s interesting how blogging is becoming so much more mainstream now: NPR is talking about, NAR has their own blog now, most of the major news publications do! Exciting times…

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